When you’re jumping a gorge, you don’t go halfway.

our expertise

Uncompromised Creative

is a husband-and-wife team based in Brooklyn, NY. We make films, plays, and assorted web content, and provide script and production consultation services to a range of fellow creatives. Sometimes we work together; occasionally we each freelance with others. We believe that compromise just means each side ends up disappointed. Consensus, on the other hand, gets everyone on the same team.

Nicholas Gray

was born in Kentucky and has lived everywhere from New Mexico to Rochester to Siberia. He was Director of Creative Development for NYPS before cofounding Uncompromised. Director, writer, budget ninja.

Katharine Clark Gray

hails from Central New York (go Orange) and will happily tell you about her random celebrity encounters. Writer, art director, podcast obsessive. She was once the voice of an 800 line for specialty toothpaste.