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About Us

Uncompromised Creative is an NYC-based creative firm that specializes in early-stage project development. We’ve worked with Academy Award-winners, won some Webbys, and have taken home festival wins in the US and internationally. If you have an idea, we can help you get it from your head to the page– from page to pre-production– or from pre-pro to shoot.

As working artists ourselves, we write, produce, and direct for film, tv, web, podcasts, stage, and live events. You can hire us as individual artists, writing teams, or project consultants to help you achieve your vision.

Nicholas Gray (partner)

Creative disciplines: writer, director, producer, voice actor
Client service areas: script consultation, creative development, pitch strategy & coaching, budgeting/scheduling Nicholas’ writer-director credits include The Paper Store with Penn Badgley, Stef Dawson, and Richard Kind; If You Could Say It In Words with Marin Ireland and Alvin Keith; and most recently, Last Fair Deal with Mack Wilds and Clarke Peters. Notable projects as producer include All The Little Things We Kill with Elizabeth Marvel and Danielle Brooks, and Ambition’s Debt with Devin Haqq, Nathan Darrow, and Kathleen Chalfant.

Previously, Nicholas was Director of Creative Development for
NYPS / Front Wheel Productions, where he shepherded dozens of projects through their nascent stages,including the animated pilot “Hoverman” starring Randall Park and Rebecca Mader, and the screen adaptation of The Honeycomb Trilogy by Mac Rogers (“The Message,” “Give Me Away”). Select stage credits include: as writer, Dug Out (Lincoln Center Directors Lab); as actor, Funeral Games (the Public Theater); as director: Burning My Dreams To The Ground and The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me, both with Gregory Marcel; “Run Hide Fight” by KCG for the Brooklyn collective Sticky. Video director, User 927. Nicholas believes in taking bold risks, and in building four backup plans for each one.

Projects as producer include All The Little Things We Kill with Elizabeth Marvel and Danielle Brooks, and Ambition’s Debt with Devin Haqq, Nathan Darrow, and Kathleen Chalfant.

Creative disciplines: writer, producer, voice actor, visual world-building
Client service areas: script consultation, script doctor, podcasts, presentation & design help

Katharine Clark Gray (partner)

Katie is an Ambie and Webby-nominated podcast writer, and an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, and producer. Currently, she’s a senior writer for the podcast Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman, and a producer for the creativity pod Spark & Fire, both for the WaitWhat network.
Her cyber-thriller User 927 gained national media coverage and won her both a Pew Fellowship in the Arts and the Reverie Next Generation Playwriting Award. Other works for stage include: Two Front Teeth (finalist, National New Play Network); Timber Land (Lark Playwrights’ Week); Run Hide Fight (Sticky collective), others.
With Nicholas, she wrote and produced The Paper Store, which took Best Dramatic Film at the Manhattan Film Festival and Best Indie Drama from LA Film Review, among other honors. The script was co-adapted from her play 516 (five-sixteen), which premiered at the NY Fringe (4 stars, Time Out). Other screenwriting credits include ‘The Walk (commissioned work, NYPS); The Pin-Down Girl with Ruth Leitman.
Katie spent a number of years as a teaching artist, and has worked extensively with incarcerated populations and at-risk youth. She was the 2016 Playwright in Residence for Voices Inside/Out, an organization that brings master classes in playwriting to inmates in KY. Read about it here.
A one-time features writer for Origivation magazine in Philadelphia, Katie was able to interview musical luminaries from Melody Gardot to Perry Farrell.

Partners In Crime

OK, we don’t actually mean crime. Here are a few of our favorite clients and collaborators, past & present. 


For more information about our past projects, take a look at our portfolio.

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